Bollywood Stereotypes

Look__16 April 2018

Often times women in media, especially Bollywood are portrayed as one dimensional and flat and so this is an attempt to critique and deconstruct those stereotypes. By calling them out, I hope we start to think more closely about how female characters are portrayed in desi media.

The Gundi
The first of a #seriesexploring female #stereotypes in #Bollywood. This one is (duh) the Gundi, inspired by @iamhumaq ‘s character in Gangs of Wassepur.

The Item
Second of the #series exploring #bollywood female stereotypes. The #itemnumber or an item song in #Bollywood movies is a musical performance that is shown as part of the movie but is mostly used to generate publicity, usually portraying a sexually provocative female actor. They’re called item girls. Hair&makeup @eshwarlogEmotional support @aaliyajam
Every time I see a new item song all I do is cringe or facepalm because it’s bo sad and comical. Sad, because you know that the only reason a movie did well is because hordes of horney sexually suppressed men went to watch it. Perhaps in a shady theatre at a shady time. And comical because lol patriarchy runs so deep and will privileged foreign educated Bollywood ever learn ?

The Sati-Saavitri

The third of this #series on #Bollywood female stereotypes. The Sati Savitri is the ever obedient wife / daughter. Savitri in Hindu mythology was the first wife to commit Sati, a Hindu tradition where recent widows committed suicide. To accompany their husbands in the afterlife because in a patriarchal society if you don’t belong to a man as a wife / daughter or sister why do you even exist. Riiight? This character is so idolized in media and replayed in different forms. And it sucks because society punishes through guilt and shame if we don’t embody this character. Makeup by @eshwarlog

Photography Parizad D
Hair & Makeup Eshwar Log
Art Direction Natasha Sumant