Look__26 July 2019

Akeli is a short fashion film written and directed by Natasha Sumant and Meetra Javed. Natasha and Meetra met while working at Annex 88 in New York, and the idea for the film stemmed from a discussion the two directors had about how South Asian women are never taught how to be alone. This film was borne out of a need to depict the kind of woman that reflected the lifestyle and the choices of the first generation of South Asian women experiencing a kind of independence women before them rarely enjoyed. Women in Natasha and Meetra’s mothers’ generation and the generations before often went from their fathers’ homes to their husbands’.

The film was shot entirely on Super 8 by Meetra, and based in Jackson Heights, Queens, a hub for South Asian culture in New York, for Gundi Studios, a slow fashion and political media brand founded by Natasha that celebrates South Asian women in the motherland, diaspora and beyond.

Starring Tara Raani
Shot by Meetra Javed
Directed and Written by Natasha Sumant and Meetra Javed